Enhance Your Business Operations with Data Capturing

With buzzwords continually sweeping through the corporate world, it’s no surprise that the notion of document management solutions has become popular. These solutions offer a way to securely handle large amounts of confidential documentation. A reliable document management system can turn a mediocre company into one that consistently yields positive results. Not only do document[…]

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management can simply be defined as: the management of digital photographs, animations, videos and music. When it comes to keeping these digital resources secure, reliable management and secure archive storage are key.   However, keeping your digital assets on your computer’s hard drive can lead to the possibility of data loss, especially over[…]

The Lowdown on Electronic Document Management Systems

Before the dawn of the computer, businesses all over the world relied solely on secretaries and filing clerks to manage and organise hard-copy documents. Not only was this incredibly time-consuming, especially if the filing system was not quite up to scratch, but it also meant that there was a possibility for important documents to be[…]


Enhance Your Business Operations with Data Capturing

Back in the day, file storage was an easy and straightforward process. However, business in general was also rather one-dimensional. Nowadays, with larger businesses, more in-depth information, higher tech tools and multi-faceted departments, document file storage is a little bit more complex. In an effort to streamline business operations, the practice of data scanning and[…]


Five Security Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

By relying on document storage companies for safe and secure offsite document storage, you are ensuring the longevity of your business. Many of these companies offer confidential vault options, which further add to the overall security of your documents. Here are five benefits of this kind of offsite document storage: CCTV monitoring: It is standard practice[…]


Document Destruction: What Needs to Go?

Responsible document destruction is as important a part of your business as any other aspect. It is the final step of the document lifecycle that needs to be carried out with care from start to finish. These days, basic document shredding simply isn’t enough, especially when it comes to confidential documents that you do not[…]