The Lowdown on Successful Document Scanning for your Business

Is your business spending a fortune on shipping documents? Is your office becoming a paper nightmare with filing systems creating more chaos than order? Do you want to prevent those very old documents from fading away? Perhaps it’s time for a document scanning solution. Today’s document scanners produce legible, clear images and have become reliable[…]

Boost Employee Productivity with a Document Management System

The quest for better employee productivity leaves many employers wondering what approach to take. One option, is to optimise work-time by restructuring your employee’s workload.  By introducing electronic document management software systems, you can eradicate labour-intensive processes.  This will free up time for employees to focus on more important tasks. Instant access Up to 20%[…]


How Shredding Protects You, Your Employees and Your Clients

Identity theft is an increasingly serious concern. Not only due to financial implications such as hacked bank accounts and credit card fraud. But concerns also relate to liability for identity theft due to inadequate destruction or disposal of sensitive and personal information. Access to sensitive information can result in the following types of fraud: Identity[…]

Document retention and destruction – it’s complicated

Document retention and destruction – it’s complicated

The importance of proper document management in companies is often overlooked-until things go wrong! That is why every company should have a solid document management policy and process. Many companies focus primarily on securing information contained in important documents such as financial or legal documentation. However, many other documents may be equally important. Think before[…]

What can offsite records storage services do for your business?

There are several reasons why companies struggle with document storage. Expedient access to important and often sensitive information is central efficient document management. Offsite records management services offer a great way to store important records without taking up space, while they remain easy to access and safe. When a company decides on business premises they[…]