Interesting Facts about Document Shredding that you Never Knew

So, you are about to take the leap to Electronic Document Management, all the years of paper records have slowly crept into a mountain of hard copies. What is it that you do with all of your sensitive data? We can help you here, thanks to our Secure Document Destruction service. Perhaps it won’t surprise you[…]


Mistakes to Dodge when Implementing a Document Scanning Solution

Companies, regardless of their size, are increasingly aware of the importance of developing document scanning systems.  Implementing Records Management can deliver substantial payback in the form of time saving, cost savings, streamlined compliance and better quality to name but a few. There are some system implementation mistakes that need to be avoided, however. In order to avoid[…]


What to Expect in a Document Management Training Course

Files, documents and other kinds of paperwork are an important part of running any business. Unfortunately, this crucial corporate staple can also hinder productivity, time and resources. Proper document management will help improve your business’ operations which will result in enhanced productivity and efficiency. No one has time to waste looking through insurmountable stacks of[…]