Importance of a document management system for your business

Importance of a document management system for your business

It’s essential for a company to ensure the best utilisation of resources such as money, time and space, in order to work as efficiently as possible. Not only is effective document management important from a practical perspective, legal implications also need to be considered. All digital documents should ideally be archived in a way that[…]

Why is scanning your business documents so important?

Paperwork stacks up pretty quickly in a business, even companies with relatively small administrative functions will find paperwork such as employee documentation and receipts piling up fast. Before the age of computers, entire rooms were needed for document storage. Luckily those days are long gone – we now have access to storage solutions such as[…]

Tips on How to Keep your Business’ Documents Safe

Communication is a vitally important aspect of every business. Fortunately, with the continual advancement of modern technology, communication is possible via an ever-changing array of amazing formats, from video conferences to instant messaging. Certain forms of communication, however, still require good old-fashioned document storage. Because paper documents can contain critically important, sensitive and sometimes ‘secret’[…]

Why is complete document destruction so important?

Companies often overlook the importance of document destruction until things go wrong.  Just tearing up a document is not good enough when it comes to destroying confidential or sensitive information.  The reason why important documents need to be disposed of properly is to curb the potential for white collar crime. Each document goes from creation[…]

Financial Papers – Which to Keep and which to Ditch?

We are living in the digital age, but we are still surrounded by paper every day – and lots of it. Bank statements, bills, correspondence, tax returns, warrantees, agreements, you name it are all part of the “paper trail” we leave behind. The amount of paper we keep can reach enormous proportions, but do we[…]

Keeping documents well-ordered within your business

Irrespective of the size of your business, the chances are that over the years documentation will pile up. To maintain some kind of order, you should have good filing and document storage systems in place. Here are some handy tips for keeping documentation well-ordered within your business. Shred and recycle non-essential documents Paperwork bursting out[…]