Close up on a file tab with the word employees plus a note with the text sick leaves, blur effect at the background. Concept image for illustration of sick leave entitlement.

The Importance of Documentation in Human Resources

Human resources in a company is vital. These representatives are responsible for documenting all crucial information pertaining to the company and its employees. Every business has documents that must be legally kept for about five years – where are you currently storing your files and are they in a safe place? If you do not[…]

Personal Information Application Identity Private Concept

What is the POPI Act?

A new Act has been put into law, fuelling intense debate in the country. The Act offers South African citizens additional protection when disclosing their personal information. By now, you may have already heard of the Protection of Personal Information Act, commonly known as POPIA or the POPI Act. This was introduced as South Africa’s[…]

5 Office Essentials for a Neater Desk

It is extremely easy for one’s office desk to become cluttered and untidy. Not being able to find important documents and a pen nearby can be frustrating. Having an organised office desk can make working more efficient, peaceful, and enjoyable. The Document Warehouse has 5 office essentials you need for a neater desk right here:[…]