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End of Year Checklist for Your Business

Document Combox

How fast has the year flown by? 2022 is well on its way to being the year that was, and doing some last-minute inventory by drawing up an end-of-year checklist for your business is necessary and crucial to starting the new business year right. Understanding an end-of-year list and why it is essential is the […]

Defining the different types of Document Storage

Running a successful business takes time, planning, finances, and teams of people fully invested in seeing the company grow and thrive. For many business owners, keeping records updated and documents properly stored is crucial to the company’s overall success. Having a comprehensive system in place for document storage, be it on or off the business […]

5 benefits of Electronic Document Management

Colourful ring binders out of a laptop screen in an office. 3d illustration

Paperless offices, or the idea of them, have been the goal of many businesses for years. Unfortunately, most companies never reach that point. But what if you could help your company go paperless without giving up the ability to print documents when needed? Electronic document management (EDM) can help you do just that. By storing […]

What Is Secure Document Shredding?

Data Security

Secure document shredding? What is it, and why does your business need it? While document shredding may sound like an everyday-average service, it is also a form of data security. Disposing of documents in a safe and secure environment protects your business from potential nasty leaks of confidential information from clients’ or associates. Secure document […]

Why Is Records Management Crucial

Many businesses still encounter difficulties keeping up with the progressing number of records that need to be managed and organised. To survive in this evolving digital world and shift from paper records to digital one’s, your business must implement a records management system. This will ensure accountability and organization in your business. Learn why records […]

5 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe During the Holidays

Data Security System

As the year closes, many companies may solely focus on closing off their business and preparing for the new year. Although they may be necessary, what is also essential is that you do not forget to put security measures in place while you are away. Just because you and your employees are taking leave does […]

8 Tips for Physical Document Security in Your Business


Whether you run a big or small business, nothing changes when dealing with customer and employee information. You must have strict physical document measures and policies in place. We want to ensure physical documents are kept secure in your workplace, here are some tips: 1. Limit physical document access Storage cabinets and storage rooms should […]

How to Keep Your Home Office Clean!

Keep Your Home Office Clean

From as early as the 1st of May, South African were a bit jubilant with the announcement of the move from lockdown level 5 to level 4. This meant a few sectors would reopen and with that, stricter social distancing and hygiene protocols would need to be adhered to in order to limit COVID-19 related […]