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Looking to Destroy Company Documents In Bulk? 3 Document Shredding Solutions

While shredding confidential documents by yourself may seem tempting, the reality is that doing so could expose your business, staff, and clients to malicious intent. Incorrectly disposing of hard copies makes your business vulnerable to identity theft, data breaches, and possible corporate espionage. Choosing a comprehensive and certified document shredding service will make all the […]

Why ISO9001?

At The Document Warehouse , we have always prided ourselves in our excellent customer service. Although we are not the biggest, we have always strived to be the best, and we have achieved that. Whether it is secure offsite document storage or condfidential document shredding, we are confident to deliver excellent services. Our customers know […]

5 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe During the Holidays

Data Security System

As the year closes, many companies may solely focus on closing off their business and preparing for the new year. Although they may be necessary, what is also essential is that you do not forget to put security measures in place while you are away. Just because you and your employees are taking leave does […]

8 Tips for Physical Document Security in Your Business


Whether you run a big or small business, nothing changes when dealing with customer and employee information. You must have strict physical document measures and policies in place. We want to ensure physical documents are kept secure in your workplace, here are some tips: 1. Limit physical document access Storage cabinets and storage rooms should […]

Must-Know Facts About Document Shredding And Records Security

hand showing heap of shredded paper. Concept of recycle and office work of confidential

Document shredding is a function born from intrigue and spy stories and evolved to serve an essential purpose in the day-to-day information security processes. Once used to protect government secrets or as a way to cover up a scandal – shredding is very much a daily function for many businesses. Here are some interesting facts […]