Company Overview

company overview


Companies today realise that to remain competitive they need to streamline their business and organisational processes in order to concentrate on their core activities. As a result, the trend to outsource offsite archive or storage services has been one of the biggest fundamental changes in the business process in the last decade.

The Document Warehouse (TDW) understands this and we provide our customers with a holistic offsite document storage solution which includes various space-saving filing solutions and records management software necessary for effectively tracking files, onsite or offsite.

TDW Document Management Solutions

In a broader sense, The Document Warehouse offers warehousing space to store documents. In a narrower sense, our offsite document storage services include:

  • Document indexing
  • Document packaging
  • Document transportation
  • Document storage
  • Document retrieval
  • Document scanning
  • Document destruction
  • Mailroom Services

There are additional services such as onsite management of documents, providing the software to assist in the document filing process and the provision of staff. In addition, TDW offer training and consulting services to organisations. Click here for more information on all services and courses offered by TDW.



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RSA – BBBEE Certificate 21 February 2017

Please click on the relevant link to view our official BEE status and Certificate.

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RSA – Promotion of Access to Information Act

Please click here to view our law and regulation document concerning the Promotion of Access to Information Act- (PAIA).

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Turtle Case Versatile Storage Containers

Please click here to view our product catalogue from Turtle.