Master 5 Blue



Master case, gasketed with removable caster wheels;  designed to hold 5 of the 20 capacity classic Turtle cases. Does not include 20 capacity Turtle cases to be stored inside.  However these may be included at a discounted cost.

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Large gasketed container will hold five of the LTO 20 size Turtle cases. Configured this way it will hold 100 LTO tapes. 4 latches, two are lockable (with padlocks, included) to secure the container, 2 steel padlocks included as well as four removable caster wheels.  The 20 capacity classic Turtle cases may be purchased and included in the shipment. When included at the time of purchase of the Master 5 Blue the 20 capacity cases will be discounted.

Part Number 12-676021
UPC 702119676021
Physical Weight 34.01 kg
Shipping Weight 74.73 kg
Inside Dimensions 86.36 x 45.72 x 38.1 cm
Outside Dimensions 91.44 x 55.88 x 43.18 cm
Carton Dimensions 96.52 x 60.96 x 50.8 cm
Waterproof Yes
Fireproof N/A


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Weight 74.73 kg
Dimensions 96.52 × 60.96 × 50.8 cm