Scanning & Electronic Retrieval Services

Scanning Services

Data Capturing and Document Scanning

The Scanning Bureau has recently been enhanced to provide customers with highly professional and well managed scanning services that will generate an effective and efficient way to retrieve company information.

The Scanning Bureau offers your company a fully-comprehensive document management system. This system allows you to retrieve scanned documents on any device for viewing, printing or emailing directly from the retrieval system. Original documentation is safely stored in our secure offsite storage facilities.

A Document Management System that’s in-line with your requirements

After long and in-depth studies of several software packages on the market, TDW has developed and written its own processing software. The software is versatile and accommodates your unique line of business as opposed to you having to change your systems to accommodate an imaging system.

Our strength lies in a survey that we conduct to understand your processes and document flow before we create a document scanning system for you. Our image system is versatile enough to design and create a document scanning solution that would best suit the objectives and requirements of your business.

The task of achieving an effective system is a labour intensive one. The success thereof lies in the manner of preparation of the documents for scanning, scanning the documents and indexing them for retrieval purposes. Each of our customers’ documents are very different (like their businesses) and the success of our system is mainly attributed to the fact that it’s customized specifically to meet the requirements of a specific job, as well as ensuring that quality control of each process is maintained at all times.

The preparation of the documents for scanning includes:

  • Removal of staples, paper clips or any alternative binding materials.
  • Reparation of damaged documents.
  • Ensuring that the fields necessary for indexing are present and visible on the documents.
  • Ensuring that the document is visibly of scanning quality.
  • If the document is not “scannable” or is missing index information, a reject control process is established, where the document is managed back to the client to obtain the index criteria or alternatively to obtain a better reprint of a bad original.
  • A unique address is stamped onto the document comprising of the box number and a position number of the document in the box. This assists with final verification as well as an easy method of pulling the original from the box quickly and efficiently should the original be required.
  • Documents are managed as either single or multiple page documents and are batched accordingly for processing.

If you’re looking for a document management system that’s in line with your business goals, contact us today.