5 Key Advantages of Outsourced Paper Shredding

You may think you’ve done all you can to protect your sensitive business information from falling into the wrong hands. For example, attaching shredding devices to your bins or perhaps you have even installed a bulky shredder for your more demanding shredding needs. But are you sure you’re doing enough?

Even if you have shredding procedures in place it may be time to consider your document destruction processes, you may still not be using the most (cost) effective way to get rid of your sensitive documentation.

Professional document management services exist for a reason so, here are five key advantages of outsourced paper shredding.

  1. Safe document destruction In-house paper shredding can be complicated and unreliable. With outsourced paper shredding, the risks related to poor records destruction are absorbed by the service provider. With this in place, you and your employee(s) are exempt from liability.
  2. Cost effective You may think that ‘doing it yourself’ will save you and your business money, but the opposite is true. When you outsource your paper shredding, you don’t need to spend money on the actual machines, equipment upgrades, power usage and staff. In fact, the costs associated with outsourcing paper shredding are generally around half the cost of in-house shredding.
  3. Outsourced document shredding services mean safe disposal Outsourced paper shredding companies offer safe and secure disposal methods by means of locked containers and automated shredding procedures. Shredded material is sent away for immediate recycling which decreases the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
  4. Prevents employment fraud Using outsourced paper shredding services can significantly reduce the risk of employment fraud as records destruction is always supervised. What is more the process is carefully documented; from the moment records are collected to when they are shredded and disposed of.
  5. Helps you to save the planet By outsourcing your paper shredding requirements, you will also contribute to this critical cause as all professional outsourced shredding services recycle the waste material.

In short, outsourcing is outstanding!