Mailroom Services

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Mailroom Services

The Document Warehouse offers a new unique Mailroom Service aimed at creating a paperless environment for all our customers. This service includes cutting down on incoming mail by filtering through annoying spam.

How the Mailroom Department Works

Our Mailroom Department specialises in electronic document management. It receives, sorts, scans, directly archives and disposes of all unsolicited mail. By scanning documents we are able to FTP the images to our customer’s internet server, or sort and email each individual recipient who will then receive the day’s mail in electronic format. This type of electronic file storage helps save office space and the time it takes to sort through physical mail. The mail, and any business sensitive data, will then undergo the same document archiving process that other documents do. If needed, our customers are able to request the original to be delivered to them.

Benefits of The Document Warehouse Mailroom Services:

  • Outsourced mail room and staff.
  • No need for onsite archival office space.
  • Minimal archival vehicle services to collect and retrieve paper documentation (reducing carbon footprint).
  • Minimal paper waste generated onsite.
  • Pristine archive as all business documentation is archived at source.
  • Generates an electronic record as well as the original paper based record.
  • More than one department can work on information at the same time.
  • Cost saving on time, space and staff.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our mailroom and electronic document

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