Vault & Confidential Storage

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Vault and confidential storage

Secure Document Storage Vaults

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Whether confidential documentation is placed on hardware or software, it is vulnerable to environmental factors as well as theft, dust, water and fire which can cause irreparable damage while theft can cause major financial and legal implications. The Document Warehouse offers vault and confidential storage for even the most sensitive documents and records.

The Document Warehouse offers clients fire-rated secure storage vaults that are designed especially to store highly confidential material, high-value items, disaster recovery programs, title deeds, media tapes and DVDs, photos, micro film and any other documents that require long-term preservation. These vaults protect various media from fire, water and humidity damage, dust, and theft.

Advanced Storage Vaults for Optimal Protection

Our document storage vaults’ detection system consists of two independent systems that are linked to a constant fire monitoring station. These sensitive detectors have the ability to detect a fire in the pre-combustion stage, triggering an alarm both in our facility and in our monitoring station.
These archive storage vaults are further protected by a 2 hour fire rated solid steel door that is access-controlled. All fire systems have been fully commissioned in accordance with Industry Standards.

Benefits of the Document Warehouse Secure Archive Storage Vaults:

  • Extensive fire protection.
  • Humidity and temperature controlled environments.
  • 2 hour fire- check protection (SABS / BS 5454).
  • 24-hour CCTV security.
  • Backups are collected on a regular basis by our staff.
  • Media is placed in a tamper-proof bag and is sealed using a tamper-proof seal with a serial number (should it be preferred). Sealed bags are returned to your office where you will be required to break the seal, replace the old media with the latest media and seal the bag again.
  • Windowless structure.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the vault.
  • Secure access control.
  • Security cameras record all activity at the media vault entry gate.
  • Tracking system allows for items to be queried and ordered via web.

Our team is available to provide secure access to the vault facility and its contents at any time provided that access has been pre-authorized or they can assist with the delivery of confidential items if required. If you have any confidential items or business documentation that requires secure storage, contact us today for more information about the available services in your area.

Avoid any complications by opting to implement a document storage system that protects the longevity of confidential documentation.

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