Certified Destruction

Document Shredding

Secure Document Shredding and Document Destruction Service

You might want to take a records management course to further understand that every document has a lifecycle – from creation to storage and eventually destruction. The destruction of business information is usually mandated by an industry regulation or local law. With the inflow of regulatory requirements in the last few years, staying informed of new regulations and developing a retention and document destruction schedule is vital in maintaining accurate archives. Amongst other document management services, The Document Warehouse offers a Secure Document Shredding and File Destruction Service on the premises thus reducing the need for a sub-contractor or third party handling the customers’ secure data.

Data, Document Destruction and Document Shredding Methods

  • Shredding is carried out on The Document Warehouse premises;
  • Confidential documents are never transported to another site for destruction;
  • The Secure Document Destruction Department shred virtually anything containing confidential information, including:
  1. All paper (white and mixed)
  2. Documents in any format
  3. Files / File inserts
  4. Cardboard
  5. CD’s / DVD’s
  6. Credit cards / ID cards
  7. Computer equipment / hard drives
  • No need to remove folders, staples, paper clip or plastic sleeves from documentation.
  • A certificate of destruction is issued once all documents are shredded and destroyed.
  • All material is sent for recycling.
  • Document destruction lists are available upon request.
  • Each document storage box is given a destruction date according to legal stipulations or to our customers’ own internal requirements.

Enquire at your nearest branch for more information on what services are available in your area.

When your documents reach the end of their lifecycle, you will need a document destruction system that is secure and reliable. Why not trust the company that’s been consistently supplying efficient document management services since its conception? Contact us today for secure and efficient document destruction services for large or small businesses.