COMBOX Document Filing
Combox© Document Filing and Document Management System
Simple Document Storage and Filing Solution: Combox©

A unique product exclusively offered by The Document Warehouse, the Combox© is an affordable physical on-site document archive storage or filing solution designed especially to improve your current document management system.

Efficient use of space is a must considering the cost of office space today. The Combox© is a document filing solution that will save money, time and space, offering a secure document management solution. For a fraction of the cost, you can implement a filing system without having to purchase cabinets or shelves.

The Combox© filing system can be as small or as large as you require, is portable and considerably less expensive than conventional systems.

The Combox© system’s unique design is made from reinforced cardboard boxes, each with a front flap for easy access and a sliding backing board and clip to keep your documents in their original condition, making document archiving hassle free. Due to the ruggedly designed cardboard “cells” each unit in the system will withstand 80 kilograms (12.6 stone) of pressure. The Combox© can be stacked to approximately 20 boxes high. The Combox© system comes in various colours, sizes and will accommodate A5; A4; A3; foolscap and hanging files and will last for years.

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Combox© benefits:

Saves space:

  • No matter what space you have available, from a corner in a storeroom to an entire floor, the Combox© system is the space-saving alternative to building banks of shelves, rails or filing cabinets.
  • It is perfect for businesses of all sizes and can be from 10 to 100,000 boxes or more.

Saves money:

  • With the Combox© system you save money, each box is considerably less expensive than racking, cabinets, filing cupboards and leaves these ring binder lever arch files free to be re-used rather than filed away in storerooms.
  • The Combox© system needs nothing more than a wall.

Quick easy document access:

  • When a document is needed, open the flap on the appropriate box and slide the contents out.
  • The unique design of the clip allows you to easily page through the file until you have found the document you require.
  • The special clip allows a document to be photocopied flat; there is no need to remove the document from the clip.

Economical, the Combox©:

  • Saves 30-40% of space taken up by lever arch files
  • Does not require shelving or cabinets
  • Is an add-on system and grows with your company
  • Converts unused space into cost-saving storage areas
  • Enables re-use of lever arch files
  • Can be stackable to 20 boxes high and more using our reinforced divider boards
  • Withstands 80 kgs(12.6 Stone) of pressure per box
  • Is delivered flat, taking up minimal space prior to assembly

User friendly, the Combox©:

  • Is easy to assemble
  • Colour coded for instant identification and access
  • Available in 4 colours (blue, red, green, yellow)
  • Used with the unique Combox© clip and backing board ensures preservation of document sequence
  • Blue Clip enables photocopying without removal of document from clip
  • PH balance of box is ideal for long-term storage of paper

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