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The Document Warehouse provides quality document storage and document management solutions to a number of companies and businesses, both large and small. We are one of the most well-respected document storage companies in South Africa and provide services to a number of top blue-chip companies.

Secure Offsite Storage

Document storage is a vital part of effective document management.The Document Warehouse specialises in providing organised and secure offsite storage archiving solutions.

Scanning / Digital Document Conversion

We provides customers with a highly professional and fully comprehensive document management system, that generates an effective way to manage company information digitally.

Certified Shredding & Destruction

The Document Warehouse offers Certified Shredding & Destruction services to ensure that your confidential records are destroyed in a safe and secure environment.

EDMS(Electronic document management)

Electronic Document Management Solutions (EDMS)

The Document Warehouse uses advanced Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) to provide effective document management solutions.

Combox Archival Consumables

A unique product exclusively offered by The Document Warehouse. It’s an affordable physical on-site document archive storage designed especially to improve your current document management system.

Backup Media Vault Storage

We offers clients highly secure storage data vaults, designed especially for the storage of your backup media data tapes and management of your backup rotation schedule.

Featured Products

Our online shop offers stationary that will make your work-life easier and clutter-free. From Comboxes to neatly file your documents to turtlecases that offer waterproof protection for your hard drives and flashdrives.

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