TDW Offsite Document Storage Solutions

Document storage is a vital part of effective document management. Organisations cannot afford to store records in an uncontrolled or unsuitable environment. Legislation prescribes that companies retain records over a specified retention period determined by the document type.

The Document Warehouse specialises in providing organised and secure offsite storage archiving solutions.

The Benefits of Our Document Archiving Services

  • Purpose-built document storage facilities
  • Scan to email retrieval
  • Secure transportation
  • Certified destruction
Onsite Packing and Indexing

An effective records management system, improves operational efficiency in a business by effectively organising information to meet business and legal requirements. The Document Warehouse’s records management consulting staff specialise in providing services onsite at the client’s premises to sort, pack and index the client’s records. Our onsite packing and indexing service ensures that documents are indexed before the records leave the customer’s premises, enabling immediate retrieval of records without a waiting period.

Offsite Data Capturing

Our Data Capture Department, provides adequate offsite data capturing services whereby we electronically capture essential information related to your files stored within the box. Our data capturing and indexing service will streamline your business information, making it easy to manage and maintain. Capturing the primary fields of index related to your files will assist with fast retrieval of  documentation at the file level by searching for keywords or descriptions (track and trace).

Our customers can view an inventory of their records online via our O’Neil Order Records Management System or request a copy of the index report for future  retrieval and audit purposes.

Rapid Retrieval

TDW prides itself in its quick document retrieval system, and our guarantee confirms our commitment to meeting our turnaround times. 

Retrieval Requests can be made as follows:

  • O’Neil Order Records Management System is the most convenient manner to submit your retrieval request. It can be logged directly online by selecting the exact file you request for delivery/collection, saving you time and money. 
  • Email Request – Sent through the retrievals ticketing system.

Offsite document delivery turnaround times are as follows:

  • Standard delivery -we deliver files within 24 hours of logging the request.
  • Express delivery – files will be delivered within 4 hours from logging the request (depending on location).
  • Scan to Email – documents can be scanned and emailed within 2 hours of logging the request.
  • Collection – files can be collected from the TDW premises within 24 hours (standard) or 4 hours (express) from logging the request.  

All collections, scheduled and express deliveries are carried out securely by:

  • TDW staff that are fully trained and experienced, security vetted and wear company uniforms.
  • TDW vehicles that are all identifiable with The Document Warehouse logos.
  • TDW drivers are equipped with live satellite tracking feed direct to the Document Warehouse offices.

Our Retrieval Guarantee

  • TDW guarantees delivery of your retrieval within 24 hours, or your retrieval will be free.

T&C in respect of the TDW guarantee

  1. Account has not been suspended
  2. The authorised official is registered on TDW’s system
  3. In cases where a Quotation or Purchase Order is required, the turnaround time will start on receipt of a signed quotation and purchase order
  4. Excludes retrieval requests above 20 retrieval items within the same request (excludes PW requests)
  5. In cases where a query has arisen on the retrieval request, the turnaround time will start upon the question’s resolution. 
  6. Retrieval requests have been submitted through the TDW retrieval ticketing system
  7. Information for the retrieval must be clear and concise – taken from index list 
  8. Requests must be received before the 15H00 cut-off on the previous day (within regular working hours, 08H00 to 15h00 weekdays).


O’Neil Order Records Management Software

The Document Warehouse is dedicated to providing you with efficient document management systems that streamline documentation flow in your business. To help us achieve this goal, we’ve provided our clients with an easy-to-use online platform called O’Neil Order. This document storage platform provides our customers with fast, flexible, real-time access to information about their on-site physical records.

Our customers can perform many of their administrative tasks, providing them with the power to manage their document solutions and have access to their documentation via the Web anytime, anywhere in the world. The software is designed to free up your staff and boost productivity by ensuring they can tend to other important tasks. You control your stored records, even though they are stored offsite at our facilities.

With O’Neil Order, you can perform the following function:

  • O’Neil Order Plus
    • Request for Retrievals
    • Capture New Boxes / Files 
    • View Index Reports / Destruction Reports
    • Place Orders for Boxes & Stationery
    • Request Collection of New Boxes
    • Request Collection for the return of retrieved boxes
    • Authorise Boxes for Destruction
  • O’Neil Order Lite
    • Request for Retrievals
    • Place Orders for Boxes & Stationery
    • Request Collection of New Boxes
    • Request Collection for the return of retrieved boxes

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