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Secure Document Offsite Storage

TDW Offsite Document Storage Solutions

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Document storage is a vital part of effective document management. As a thriving business you can’t afford to misplace or lose essential documentation. By law, publicly traded companies are required to retain records over a specified period of time and without a document archiving system in place paperwork can become overwhelming and uncontrollable.

The Document Warehouse specialises in providing organised and secure document storage archiving solutions so that you have more time to concentrate on your core business. Documents are systematically filed, either by TDW staff or your employees (under our direction) and placed in specially designed storage boxes for safe keeping. Details of each file are captured on our secure database, according to your company’s requirements.

The Benefits of Our Document Archiving Services

  • Effective document management
    Regular reports are sent to our customers detailing all the archived files. Any movement of files is recorded and a monthly statement is available upon request which lists all activity, revealing all movement.
  • Document destruction
    Each box is allocated a destruction date according to the laws that govern them and our customers’ requirements. Prior to this date, you will be provided with a printout of all the files flagged to be destroyed. Only with your written authorisation will we proceed to eliminate these files.
  • Document Security
    Fire – Our fire prevention facilities include pumps, tanks, sprinklers, hydrants, hose reels, hand held extinguishers and dense smoke detectors which are connected via control panels to our security office.Theft – Multiple physical deterrents have been installed. In addition, all facilities are patrolled on a 24-hour basis and have a direct link to the security company’s control room.Unauthorised access – Only individuals that have been authorised by our customers and our security-cleared personnel have access.

The Document Warehouse is protected by a security company which is linked to a 24 hour control room. The service includes patrols and escorts when requested and armed response 24 hours a day. A fire prevention inspection is carried out regularly, in order to achieve a satisfactory standard in fire safety.

Contact us for a competitive quote or more information on how our document storage solutions will benefit your business.

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