Need space we’ve got room for you

All managers in business understand that office space in a city represents a huge cost to your business. At the same time you probably also appreciated the value and comfort plus the increased efficiencies that some additional floor space can bring to a business. So we have to ask ourselves, what is the quick and[…]

Donation to the SANParks Honorary Rangers

The Document Warehouse donated files and filing accessories to the SANParks Honorary Rangers K9 Unit Anti-Rhino poaching programme made on 20th July 2018. SANParks Honorary Rangers is a volunteer organisation which provides support, in the form of funds and services, to the South African National Parks. The Document Warehouse has specifically requested that the donated[…]

A day in the life of an important document

Many people underestimate the importance of records within a business. Document management is often taken for granted. It is, however, important to understand how many stages are involved in the creation and maintenance of agreements, files, forms and instructions to personnel.  So let’s take a peek at the phases a document can go through –[…]