Grey home office interior

10 Easy Desk Organisation Ideas

It’s quite stressful rummaging around your workspace trying to find documents that you were sure you filed weeks ago. Dirty coffee mugs, files strewn about and overflowing drawers make it less enticing to tackle your workday. Avoid feeling flustered every day, be it at your home office or 9 to 5 with these super easy[…]

Eco friendly tips for 2021

Document eco-friendly tips for 2021

When it comes to confidential records, sensitive documents and other important papers, destruction and disposal processes is often the main areas of concern. The value and importance of environmental sustainable document shredding services, from economic pros and the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint, is undoubtable. You’ll be happy to know that as you plan[…]

Be Kinder to the Environment

How Your Business Can Be Kinder to the Environment

A growing number of companies are asking themselves how to change their business practices to reduce their impact on the environment. The benefit is twofold: businesses save money while working towards helping to preserve natural resources.   Going green does not require a complete overhaul of the entire business. A few simple changes can make[…]