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The Future of Document Management: Trends and Technologies You Should Know About

Document management is critical to any organisation’s operations in today’s fast-paced business world. Managing records and documents is essential for compliance, productivity, and collaboration. In South Africa, businesses increasingly use electronic document management systems (EDMS) to manage their records and documents. With new trends and technologies emerging, staying current is essential to remain competitive. In […]

Future proofing our business with The Document Warehouse Digital

We are excited to introduce our new company, The Document Warehouse Digital, and our commitment to offering comprehensive Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) to cater to the global shift to Information Management Solutions. Our long-term goal is to enhance our product offering, solidifying our position in the Information Management industry. The global shift towards digital […]

How to Choose the Right Backup Solution for Your Business

Choosing a backup solution for your business is essential and will affect the efficiency of how it runs. When selecting a backup solution for your business, it is always wise to consider these three factors:  Implementing a solid Backup solution can be challenging as your business expands, particularly with the rise in cybercrime and ransomware. […]

Electronic Document Management Systems: The Future of Document Management

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) are quickly becoming the future of document management. Before, storing documents physically was the only solution; now, you can keep your important documents physically and electronically. EDMS is a digital solution that allows you to create, store, manage, and share documents electronically. With the rise of remote work, an electronic […]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence In M-Files And How it Can Improve Your Workflow


Artificial intelligence. Those words can be intimidating or endless with possibility, depending on your appearance from a document workflow perspective; artificial intelligence can significantly benefit your organisation by using automated processes to streamline and problem-solve. Automation and artificial intelligence techniques not only improve workflow management but also dramatically increase productivity and efficiency within your organisation. […]

Everything to Know About Record Management in South Africa

Record management in South Africa is crucial for businesses, organisations and the government. Proper record management is critical in ensuring the protection of sensitive information, compliance with the law and maintaining the privacy of individuals. This article will delve into the world of record management in South Africa, exploring everything you need to know about […]

Looking to Destroy Company Documents In Bulk? 3 Document Shredding Solutions

While shredding confidential documents by yourself may seem tempting, the reality is that doing so could expose your business, staff, and clients to malicious intent. Incorrectly disposing of hard copies makes your business vulnerable to identity theft, data breaches, and possible corporate espionage. Choosing a comprehensive and certified document shredding service will make all the […]

End of Year Checklist for Your Business

Document Combox

How fast has the year flown by? 2022 is well on its way to being the year that was, and doing some last-minute inventory by drawing up an end-of-year checklist for your business is necessary and crucial to starting the new business year right. Understanding an end-of-year list and why it is essential is the […]

The Document Warehouse Has The Best of Both, and Here Is Why!

Businessman using a computer to document management System concept, online documentation database and digital file storage system/software, records keeping, database technology, file access.

Running and maintaining a successful business is hard work. Having the correct workflow document management system in place ensures that your business’s operations from an administrative perspective run smoothly and efficiently. While many business owners know the importance of a comprehensive electronic document and workflow management system, it would be good to gain a more […]