5 Office Essentials for a Neater Desk

It is extremely easy for one’s office desk to become cluttered and untidy. Not being able to find important documents and a pen nearby can be frustrating. Having an organised office desk can make working more efficient, peaceful, and enjoyable.

The Document Warehouse has 5 office essentials you need for a neater desk right here:

1. Storage

Every office desk must have some storage that can keep your desk organised and it is easier and quicker to find things on hand. Placing a desk organiser on your desk is the best choice you will ever make for a neater desk, invest in pen holders and small boxes with dividers to store stationery and other office items. The Document Warehouse offers effective storage products to keep your office space and desk neat and safe.

The Turtlecase range offers durable, fire-proof, water-proof cases that are perfect for storing digital files, media and physical documents safely. The unique design ensures the contents are cushioned against damage; you can store almost about anything in your office in these cases.

The compact box or COMBOX© range is the perfect storage solution for storing documents and stationery directly on your desk. They come in many different colours and sizes, with labels and you can easily and quickly open them to access what is needed.


A desk with no supplies is most likely a disaster – you will be left running up and down looking for a stapler or a pen. It is important that you have the necessary supplies needed to work. This includes stationery, notepads, USB hubs, printers, shredders, and the necessary electronics, of course. To house some of these supplies to ensure that they do not lie around and that your desk is kept neat, use The Document Warehouse’s compact box range. These boxes are the perfect size for an office desk and multiple boxes can be stacked on top of each other. They can store stationery, documents, and anything else lying around on your desk. They come with blank labels for you to fill in to keep your desk and your life organised!

3. Dustbin/waste

Dustbins or waste bins might not seem that important to have at your desk space, but it is very easy for your desk to become untidy when unwanted papers and waste are crowding it. Invest in a dustbin or waste bin for your desk and make a point to clear your desk at least twice a day to throw away anything unnecessary.

4. Space

The ultimate goal in any work environment is to have space! Especially when it comes to your desk. It is essential that on your desk there is enough space for work items so that you can efficiently get work done without feeling cramped and cluttered. Make sure that items on your desk are placed neatly in their place and store whatever is not needed on your desk away. The Document Warehouse’s Turtlecase range is perfect for storing away multiple items on your desk that is not required every day. This provides your desk with more space and stores items away safely.

5.Reminder/Notice Board

In our busy work lives, it is so easy to forget things without writing them down. When you do write them down and leave them on your desk you could accidentally throw the written notes away, or you may write so many that sifting through them when needed can take time. Leaving a pile of notes on your desk can leave your desk unorganised and untidy. Invest in a notice or reminder board, hang this board above your desk, facing you and simply pin notes and reminders on the board after writing them down. Now you can easily see your notes and they are off your desk, leaving it neat and tidy.

These are just some essentials you need to keep your workspace looking sparkling clean and organised. Browse through more of The Document Warehouse’s online shop to keep your workspace and office tidy.