A Guide to Redesigning Your Office

Office renovations can be costly and, aside from this, if you are renting the space, you will not be allowed to make structural changes to the building. Whether your decision to redesign your office is to incorporate more employees, create more space, or simply for a nice change, there are fortunately some ways in which to do this both affordably and effectively:

Add some colour

There have been numerous studies on the psychological effects of colour, and the wrong colours in your office may be a good reason why your employees’ attention starts to wane towards the end of the day. The general office rules for paint colours are as follows:

  • Green is a great colour for creativity. If your business is centred around creativity, then green should be your go-to colour. Green walls will aid in sparking ideas during brainstorm sessions and can make meetings more productive.
  • Blue is another fantastic colour to splash on your office walls. It is pleasing to many people, as well as being calming. (Perfect for releasing any office tensions).
  • Avoid red and orange, as these colours are known to decrease critical and analytical thinking. This could lead to anxious employees who may be prone to making rash decisions.
  • Stick to subtle colours with gentle hues.

Clear the clutter

As the saying goes, ‘a cluttered home is a cluttered mind,’ and the office is no different.

  • It’s time to take a good look at all of that paperwork lying around your office. All of the documentation that can be stored offsite can go into a safe, secure offsite document storage warehouse, and anything that is required onsite should be organised into a well-categorised file storage system on your premises. A document solutions company will be able to provide you with advice and storage boxes, and their professional know-how will assist you in creating an efficient, effective system that will enhance productivity and free up space in your office.
  • Jumbles of electrical cords also contribute to clutter. There are great products available that help to encase the cords so that they will run in a simple line to all of their relevant connections.

Furniture and flooring

  • An inexpensive way in which to give your office an entirely new look is with furniture. Invest in some new office chairs. If the desks and cubicles are old and out-of-date, new ones will really breathe some much-needed life into the office.
  • Rearrange the new furniture. Put your staff into teams and consider removing or lowering partitions that segregate people from one another.
  • Over time, office carpeting can get old and grotty. Consider installing new carpets, or have your current ones deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service.


  • Don’t underestimate what some new artwork can do for your offices.
  • Invest in some beautiful indoor plants and enjoy the splash of colour and natural feel that they bring to your office space.

Giving your office a mini makeover will help not only to improve staff morale, but it will enhance the way your business appears to your clients too. A good, neat and well-organised office environment translates directly into more productivity and more efficient processes. To clear up the clutter, get rid of those space-devouring filing cabinets. For assistance in categorising and managing your documentation, contact The Document Warehouse today and find out about our extensive range of document management services.

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