Five Security Benefits of Offsite Document Storage


By relying on document storage companies for safe and secure offsite document storage, you are ensuring the longevity of your business. Many of these companies offer confidential vault options, which further add to the overall security of your documents. Here are five benefits of this kind of offsite document storage:

  • CCTV monitoring: It is standard practice for document storage companies to have high-quality CCTV cameras installed throughout their premises. This means that you will have total peace of mind that your valuable documents will be monitored 24/7/365.
  • Fire protection: Destruction as a result of fire is one of the biggest risks that you take when storing your documents onsite. With offsite storage, you are guaranteed extensive fire protection. This is because most companies will store your documents in fire-proof vaults alongside a fire monitoring station.
  • Water and humidity protection: Another risk of onsite storage is your documents being damaged as a result of water. Along with being fire-proof, when you store your documents in an offsite storage vault, you will also be provided with professional water and humidity protection, as well as quality temperature control.
  • Access control: Document storage companies ensure that unauthorised access to any documents is practically impossible. This is thanks to reliable access control measures – both manual and automated.
  • Regular backup updates: Obviously, as time goes by, your business will accrue more documents. As a result, the document storage company will ensure that your offsite documents are kept up to date. New documents (either in hard copy or digital form) will be collected by the company on a regular basis (the time frame of this procedure will be determined according to your unique needs). For added security, most companies will provide you with a tamper-proof bag that you will place your documents in, as well as with a tamper-proof seal that will ensure that nobody has access to the documents while they are being transported.

With secure offsite document storage services is the fact that you have the option of storing a wide variety of document types including Title deeds, Microfilm, Media tapes/DVDs, Hard copies, USBs, and more. Offsite storage is the safe option for businesses and companies of all types and sizes. It provides you with peace of mind that, no matter what happens, the lifeblood of your business will always be available to you.