How to keep your employee documentation safe

As the owner or HR representative of a business, it is of utmost importance that all documents pertaining to employees are kept confidential. A dynamic document management system is the ideal way to keep information safe. Follow these tips to ensure reliable confidentiality for everyone on your team.

Document management is extremely important when it comes to handling sensitive information. Most business have a huge collection of confidential documents ranging from financial to personal employee details. In many cases, this information is kept in files or folders that are stored in a filing cabinet in a locked office or room; an arrangement which is vulnerable to tampering and unauthorised access.

A breach in confidentiality, can pose a myriad of HR challenges.  Thanks to effective archive storage and document management solutions, companies can easily prevent unauthorised access to confidential information to prevent any leaks.

Take the following precautions to ensure that your employee’s information is kept safe while you implement a document management system.

Turn the computer off and lock the door

Before implementing a document archive storage system, it is important that your computer is turned off before leaving the office. Sleep mode is sufficient, but the ideal is a proper ‘shut down’. If you have your documents stored in a file cabinet, ensure that the cabinet’s lock mechanism is working ensure that sensitive files are locked away at all times.

Implement passwords

Encourage the whole company to create passwords for their computers. These passwords should only be known to the specific user. Ensure that all major computers are password controlled to limit the number of people that have access to sensitive data. Once you acquire a document management system, only select people should have access to the documentation that is protected by a unique set of passwords.

Limit access and traffic

When assigning individuals to certain tasks- especially projects involving sensitive information- you should limit the number of people with access to passwords and confidential information. If you store your documentation in a filing cabinet, ensure that you manage the number of people who can retrieve these files.

A dynamic document management system is invaluable to any business with regards to the safety and continued confidentiality of sensitive documents pertaining to employees. Can you afford NOT to have one?