The end of the road for archives – document destruction

Paper shredding may seem like the stuff of Wall Street movies and the Watergate scandal but in reality, it’s an essential part of the document lifecycle. 

What is destruction? 

Simply put, destruction is the process of ruining the structure or condition of something beyond repair. Therefore, confidential destruction is the discreet and permanent elimination of documents to a state that is beyond repair. 

Why is it important?

Information can be an organisation’s greatest asset. But if that information falls into the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc on your business. Old archives take up space, become obsolete and reach the end of their functional lifecycle. When it’s time to retire your institutional data, make sure that dispose of it correctly to safeguard your clients’, employees’ and institution’s private information.


What are the types of destruction?

From a small office paper shredder to outsourcing certified professional destruction services, the process of document destruction takes many forms. One-time bulk destruction, regular maintenance destruction, onsite and offsite destruction are all types of document management that you can tailor to your needs. 

Why should you use a professional document management company?

Internal shredding can be a clumsy, risky and often costly process, which makes having your documents professionally destroyed a safer choice.


What factors should you consider when choosing a partner for certified destruction

  • The company is reputable

You need to know who is handling and ultimately shredding your sensitive business information. You should pick a partner you can not only trust but one you can rely on to give you reliable service.

  • The company can give you answers

You are going to need to ask the hard questions such as: are you certified? How do you destroy sensitive documentation? What happens to the archives once they have been destroyed? Can the records management company offer you a certificate that places responsibility for your information squarely on the service provider’s shoulders? 

  • The company can supply a range of services

Often you have a large number of documents that will need to be securely destroyed. You may also have hard drives, tapes, CDs, outdated print materials and even sensitive employee records that contain confidential data that will need to be destroyed. Opt for a vendor that can offer you the full service of data destruction. It’s not only cheaper and easier but it’s also safer. 

The destruction of valuable and sensitive information is a daunting process that generally takes up lots of time and energy. A partnership with a reliable records management company is the best way to put your mind at ease.