The Ins and Outs of Vault and Confidential Storage

When storing confidential files, documents and data, the main goal is to ensure that these items do not fall into the wrong hands. Along with this, it should also be a priority to ensure that none of the files, documents or data can be damaged in any way. Ultimately, the only way in which to attain complete peace of mind is to consider vault and confidential storage. Read on for everything that you need to know about this incredible service offering at The Document Warehouse.

The benefits associated with storing important confidential files and documents in an offsite vault include the following:

  • Reliable protection against any damage caused by fire; and 2-hour fire- check protection (SABS / BS 5454).
  • All vaults are temperature / humidity controlled and are equipped with sensors to record these environmental factors. Some of our vaults have additional sensors that record motion, water detection as well as voltage supply, which will soon be installed in all vaults nationwide.
  • Protection against any damage caused by humidity and / or extreme temperatures. All vaults at The Document Warehouse are temperature controlled 24/7/365.
  • Intensive protection against theft or unauthorised persons accessing the data. All vaults are protected with 24-hour CCTV security. The cameras capture activity that occurs at the vault entry gate.
  • It is easy to update your files and documents, or to add more to the collection in the vault, as all new documents and data are collected on a regular basis by members of The Document Warehouse staff.
  • Even if someone does manage to gain access to the vault in which your confidential documents are being stored (which is pretty close to impossible), the person will be unable to gain access to the information. The media is stored in various ways – some in lockable turtle cases designed for backup media, some in offsite containers and can be sealed or unsealed depending on the customers’ requirements.
  • All stored media is placed inside tamper-proof bags and is sealed with a tamper-proof seal when collected or delivered. Along with this, each tamper-proof bag is assigned with a unique serial number. If you request to make use of any of the stored media, the sealed bags will be sent directly to your business premises where you will then be required to break the seal, replace the old media with the latest media and seal the bag again.
  • The premises on which the vaults are stored are protected with secure access control technology.

When it comes to storing important files and documents, offsite vault storage is always the best possible solution. If you are interested in making use of this reliable service, or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with The Document Warehouse team today.

Ins and Outs