Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Offsite Document Storage

Your files and documents are, in many ways, the lifeblood of your business which is why their safe storage should always remain a top priority. Backing them up and keeping them on a separate hard drive in your desk draw is enough though, right? Wrong. Storing backup documents onsite is one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make, often leading to many problems and, in severe cases, the entire breakdown of the establishment.

Don’t panic though. Keeping your essential files safe need not be a costly or tiring undertaking. All that you really need is a company that can provide you with secure and reliable offsite document storage services. Here are three reasons why this is a service that every business owner needs to consider:


The main reason why offsite storage is the answer is because of the fact that it provides fool-proof security, ensuring that your documents are 100% protected and preserved. Companies like Document Warehouse offer the following security measures:

  • Fire protection: Think about it – what will happen to your document backups if there is a fire on your company premises? They will be destroyed along with the originals. When you opt for offsite storage, your documents and backups will be stored in fire-proof vaults, completely eliminating this possibility.
  • CCTV monitoring: Theft is another reason why onsite storage is never a good idea. 24 hour CCTV monitoring is just one of the security perks of offsite storage.
  • Temperature control and water and humidity protection: Your files will be protected against any potential water damage or damage caused by extreme temperatures.
  • Access control: Manual and automated access control security measures prevent any unauthorised persons from getting anywhere near your precious documents.

If you plan to store hard copies of your important files on your premises, you will need copious amounts of space – and this can cost a pretty penny. The cost of offsite document storage is actually a fraction of what it would cost you to pay for onsite storage, especially if you also hire someone to handle the document archiving and retrieval process.


When you store your documents offsite with the help of a company like Document Warehouse, your document management needs are also taken care of. When received, all of your files are organised and archived systematically based on your requirements and preferences, thus making retrieval incredibly simple. If you ever need to access a certain file or folder, all that you have to do is get in touch with us and we will deliver it immediately.

As you can see, there really isn’t a question about which type of document storage option is better. When it comes to security, space, cost and productivity, offsite storage wins hands down every time. If you would like to learn more about Document Warehouse document storage services, please do not hesitate to contact us.