Covid-19 Update

Dear Clients and Partners,

COVID19 has been declared as a National Disaster on the 15 March 2020 and we are all trying to balance taking appropriate precautions with not over-reacting or causing undue concern.
We know that most people are not at risk of developing severe complications from being infected with the virus – but it falls on all of us to try to contain the spread of this virus to protect those who are most vulnerable.
We all have contact with a number of people who fall into this category – the elderly, the immuno-compromised and those with chronic medical conditions.
For this reason, we have developed an emergency response plan and taken the following precautionary measures to protect not only our employees but also you as our valued clients;

  • Distribution of educational material, staff training and awareness campaigns
  • Installation of hand sanitizer / sterilizing stations at key areas
  • Enforcement of advanced hygiene protocols
  • Random fever tests
  • Enforcement of self-Isolation / quarantine preventative measures wherever necessary
  • Promotion of virtual meetings
  • Suspended non-essential travel
  • Enforced social distancing within the workplace
  • Promoting “scan to email” services instead of physical deliveries
  • Promoting contactless deliveries & collections
    As you will note from the above-mentioned precautions, The Document Warehouse (Pty) Ltd will endeavour, at all times, to protect its staff and customers. We will continually monitor developments and apply the necessary steps by amending relevant Business Continuity Plans.
    As we are committed to maintaining service excellence, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
    The Document Warehouse would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.