Tips to achieving a more safe and sustainable office


For many people, the promise of a safe and sustainable workplace ticks all the boxes. By offering a safe and sustainable space for your employees to do their best, it boosts morale and productivity. 

Safety training is essential 

Make an effort for regular and detailed training sessions that include notifying your staff about safety procedures such as evacuation processes and emergency exits. 

Balanced energy consumption  

Modifying your electricity consumption is not only a great feature of sustainability and eco-efficiency it’s also a great way to save money in your business. Start with keeping your office temperature moderate – the best way to do this is to set a baseline and add a few degrees in winter and lowering a few degrees in summer. Also make sure that TVs, lights and equipment are off while not in use. Finally, install energy-efficient lighting and consider installing sensors in low traffic areas like bathrooms and boardrooms. 

Support green vendors

Support companies and vendors that are green-friendly, for example, bathroom suppliers that use sustainable or eco-friendly products or a records management company that recycle all their shredding and destruction properly. Ask around for suppliers that meet your businesses eco-needs. 

The 3 R’s 

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Wherever possible, reduce waste by using reusable alternatives. Supply reusable coffee mugs and water bottles – it’s a great way to inspire change. When it comes to processes, use a document management company that not only safely shreds hard copy files, cardboard, CD’s, DVDs and hard drives but also sustainably disposes of or recycles these items. Also, its great idea to implement a recycling program within your building or business, to add a layer of sustainability. 

Go green, literally

Place plants around the office to green your space, add atmosphere and reduce the level of stress and anxiety and boost morale and productivity – so what are you waiting for? 

Keep the workplace tidy 

Make sure that the area where employees walk and work is free from clutter and paperwork – if need be, implement filing processes or employ a document management company to consult on the best steps for decluttering. Keeping the space tidy helps to mitigate trip and fire hazards and promote a happy work environment. 

A safe and sustainable working environment makes life better – make changes to the way you do things in your office and boost morale and help to safeguard the future of the planet.