Document storage: your three best resources



Document storage can be a fine art – if you are not properly prepared you can end up in a pretty sticky situation. Theft, weather damage and loss are some of the problems encountered by people when documents are not stored properly. With the variety of document management solutions out there, you can choose one that is safe and effective. But how?

Consumers are no longer satisfied with keeping their documents in filing cabinets or on digital hard drives as this leaves unmonitored documents vulnerable to loss, theft or weather damage. When looking for solutions on how to safely and effectively store documents, ensure that your potential service provider is able to guarantee the safety of your documents. If you’re in the process of looking for a solution for your document file storage, here are your three best resources.

Invest in a Fireproof Safe

While your documents remain on your premises, invest in a fireproof safe that can be bolted to the floor. Ensure that you find one with detachable shelves to make it easier to arrange your documents. Avoid using bulky containers and rather use binders or folders. If you have made digital backups of your documentation, place them in boxes that are lined in a soft material to prevent any damage. Not only will this safe deter fire threats, it will also ensure limited access to the documents and eradicate any theft or fraud.

Allocate a Dry, Cool Space

When picking out a spot for file storage, ensure that you allocate a dry, cool space in which to keep all of your sensitive documents. Whether your documentation is backed up on digital devices or printed out on paper; mould and damp can damage your documentation. Ensure that your space is not in a location that is prone to any sort of flooding or excessive heat. To ensure the longevity of your documentation, avoid placing them in any plastic sleeves or folders that pose the threat of ‘sweating’ in different weather conditions. If your only option is to place your documentation in boxes, ensure that the boxes are raised to avoid any mildew or insect damage. Rest wooden planks on top of bricks and place the boxes on top of the planks to ensure that they are elevated.

Make Use of Storage Cases

Forget about plastic containers and metal trunks – the best storage cases to use for your documents are Turtle Cases. Ideal for the transportation of documentation, these cases are lockable and durable. They are designed to protect documents in both hardcopy and digital form against the following: mechanical impacts, temperature extremes, foreign contaminants, airborne debris, and electrostatic discharge. Ensure that your documents are safely and effectively stored by investing in storage cases that are durable.

By following the above-mentioned tips and ensuring that you keep up with good business practice, you can rest assured that your consumer’s information will be kept safe through effective document and file storage.