How to add a splash of creativity to your office

If the lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s that we are ready to make a few changes.

A great place to start is at the office – the place where you spend most of your hours during the week.

Think about it, if your office has a welcoming atmosphere, it sets the tone for how your employees show up at the office and execute their tasks. If your office is interesting enough, it can make in-office meetings with your clients even more fun. They will be able to see how happy and hard-working your employees are, and you will reap the benefits of a productive team. It’s a win-win situation.

Here are a few tips on how to add some creativity to your office:

Remove clutter

It’s normal for documents to pile up on your desk. But if you must keep them on your desk, organise them according to certain colours. Red can be for urgent and important papers while green can be for papers that are important, but do not need your immediate attention. Shop online and browse through our selection of combox products. If there are any papers, files, CDs or computer equipment that have passed their expiry date in your office, get rid of it. The Document Warehouse offers secure document shredding and recycles the shredded files afterwards. You will be issued with a certificate of destruction once all documents are shredded and destroyed.Make it lively

The best ideas can come from a creative, open space and could even reduce stress. Add a few plants in the office, allow more sunlight to enter or depending on the type of business you have, play soft music or the radio in the background.

Add flexible spaces

When employees collaborate on tasks, magic happens. Create an environment where staff members are free to sit together and brainstorm ideas. Consider a hot desk policy or add couches, big tables or standing desks in different places so that employees can move around.

Add a touch of inspiration

Add touches of art or paintings to blank walls in your office. Start a competition among employees where they can vote for their favourite painting or bring an interesting picture to the office which you can enlarge and place in the office. And if you have a staff member who does photography in their spare time, that’s a bonus! This will help boost staff morale when everyone has a say in what goes on the wall and it will also contribute to your company culture.

Create a thinking wall

Gone are the days where the wall was meant for a splash of paint and that’s it. Make a wall useful. So, how do you do that besides adding paintings to it? Well, we suggest using a blank wall solely to scribble on. Your employees can use this to write their latest ideas or designs for a project. The ‘thinking wall’ will be a base for anyone to come and add their ideas until you reach a final thinking piece. This encourages collaboration and can add a creative touch to your office.

With just a few adjustments, you can create an office that sparks collaboration and boosts staff morale.