Thinking About a Document Storage Solution? 4 Rules To Follow

Document Storage Services and Solutions in South Africa

As many business owners spend more time working from home, now is a great time to reflect on your business’ decisions.

Take a moment to think about the ‘wins’ you’ve made in your company. Virtually breeze through the various departments and celebrate the accomplishments.

Now, take some time to think about where there is room for improvement. Perhaps you need a different way of storing your files, or you need your staff members upskilled on records management.

Let’s say you’re thinking of making a few changes to the way you store files. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Choose a Reliable Storage Company

Your company has confidential information that needs to be protected 24/7 at all costs. Make sure that you choose a storage company that is reputable, have been around for a good few years and have reliable reviews supporting their credibility. The Document Warehouse has provided companies with record management and document storage services for almost 30 years now. Browse through our website and see how we operate to give us a call.

Create a List

Make a list of everything you plan to store with your selected company. Perhaps you need to purchase a specialised, waterproof turtle case for your hard drives. Or maybe you require an organised and secure document storage archiving solution to spend more time concentrating on your core business. Doing this will help you establish a budget as well as see which areas in your business must be improved.

Add Labels for Easy Organising

If you know that the green box contains all files that need to be stored online and the red box has all the documents that need your urgent attention, life will be so much easier. Add labels to your files or use our Combox to add a pop of colour to your office. They are available in different colours to suit your personality and make storage filing a breeze! Shop online now.

Ensure you Have Extra Protection

If you are storing your files in a safe room or offsite, make sure it is 100 per cent safe. Storing files on a cloud can safeguard you against a burglary. But if it is stored in a facility, you want to choose the best company to take care of your most private information. At the Document Warehouse, after we have filed your documents, they are placed in specially designed storage boxes for safekeeping. These storage boxes are fireproof. They are also protected against theft – several physical deterrents are installed, all facilities are patrolled on a 24-hour basis and have a direct link to the security company’s control room.

Storing your files in a safe manner and with a reputable company can give you great peace of mind as a business owner.