Keeping documents well-ordered within your business

Irrespective of the size of your business, the chances are that over the years documentation will pile up. To maintain some kind of order, you should have good filing and document storage systems in place. Here are some handy tips for keeping documentation well-ordered within your business. Shred and recycle non-essential documents Paperwork bursting out of cupboards and drawers is untidy. A key to maintaining some sort of order is shredding and recycling any non-essential documents. For instance, promotional flyers, minutes that have been captured electronically and various other bits of paperwork are not necessary to keep as hard copies. For peace of mind, document scanning through a reputable company to keep electronic records of paperwork you intend to discard. Also, if you need to shred large amounts of paperwork, have it done professionally to save you time and resources. Implement a document management system This is the most important part of keeping your business’ documents safe, orderly and easily accessible. Categorising the sections alphabetically will offer ease of access to client names or specific documents, and you can even have a different file cabinet for each document category such as accounts or clients. Consider offsite document storage Eventually your filing cabinets will be overflowing. This is when you should consider a good document storage company, where you can store all documentation that are too important to destroy. A good offsite document storage company will also be able to scan all your documents and offer ease of access to electronic copies. Protect important documentation Important documents or sensitive data can put your business at risk if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it’s essential to store certain documents securely. Place all highly confidential documents into vault storage, with access given only to approved personnel to manage the account. Implementing a neat, orderly file storage system and seeking out the services of a reliable document shredding, scanning and file storage facility will help create a more organized, efficient environment in your business or place of work.