Looking to Destroy Company Documents In Bulk? 3 Document Shredding Solutions

While shredding confidential documents by yourself may seem tempting, the reality is that doing so could expose your business, staff, and clients to malicious intent. Incorrectly disposing of hard copies makes your business vulnerable to identity theft, data breaches, and possible corporate espionage. Choosing a comprehensive and certified document shredding service will make all the difference in safely and securely getting rid of your confidential client and business documents.

Why is document shredding essential, and what are three document solutions for your business? Here are three reasons why a certified document shredding service is vital to your business, including three document shredding solutions for your business!

Three Important Reasons For Certified Document Shredding Services

  1. Certified document shredding services protect your business against malicious intent and safeguards your company’s records and clients’ and staff’s confidential information from malicious intent.
  2. Businesses operated in countries such as South Africa are required by law to destroy documents outside of their lifecycle period.
  3. Document shredding is highly effective for your business and eco-friendly for your office space and the environment. Also, shredded paper is easier to recycle.

Here are a few benefits of utilising safe and secure document shredding services.

Three Benefits Of Using A Certified Document Shredding Service

  1. Destruction Guaranteed – Commercially available shredders do not destroy paper sufficiently enough to throw off the most basic identity thief or data breach. In contrast, industrial shredders completely obliterate documents, eliminating any chance of possible retrieval.
  2. Workflow – A certified document shredding service helps your business incorporate scheduled document shredding services into your workflow to protect the company’s interest while streamlining a process.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency – Industrial shredding machines can process higher volumes of documents in less time, with document bins filled to the brim being securely destroyed in minutes.

Three Document Shredding Solutions

Here are three document shredding solutions depending on the needs of your business.

On-Site / Mobile Shredding

Organisations such as banks and government-run institutions may request that documents be shredded onsite to ensure that unshredded documents do not leave their premises. Onsite or mobile shredding services save businesses time, money, and peace of mind that their information is irretrievable.

Off-Site Shredding/Plant-Based Shredding

Off-site or plant-based shredding services typically occur at the company’s facilities and are ideal for large-scale and record-purge projects.

Drop-Off Shredding

Drop-off document shredding services are ideal for businesses needing small batches of documents shredded.  For comprehensive document shredding services, check out The Document Warehouse for their certified, secure, and efficient service!