Mailroom Services: What You Need to Know

Did you know that records management also encompasses that of mailroom services which are an essential part of the movement of inbound and outbound documentation? The mailroom, home to a large number of incoming and outgoing mail – both in digital and hardcopy form – requires a fair amount of organisation. Without proper and efficient organisation, it is impossible to keep tabs on the amount of information that passes through your organisations system. However, there comes a time when the manual operation of the mailroom is both ineffective and expensive, and can often compromise the safety of document control.

In an effort to streamline the processes and records management system of the mailroom, it is important to consider the implementation of digital records management – not only will this assist in accurate archiving that occurs in real time, it also ensures that confidential information is stored in a secure and reliable manner. If you’re wondering about the benefits of mailroom services and how they will positively impact your business and staff, take a look at the following list of what you need to know:

What are Mailroom Services?

Mailroom services are, in essence, the electronic management of an organisation’s inbound and outbound documentation. The service provider will provide outsourced staff who then sort and scan through all of the mail that is on record, which is then either archived or disposed of in a secure and reliable manner.

How Do Mailroom Services Work?

An organisation will usually have one or two staff members who are responsible for the management of their respective mailroom, and these staff members will sort through the information and ensure that it is archived and disposed of as they see fit. However, this can lead to unnecessary expenses and a severe dip in productivity levels. By investing in a records management services provider, companies are able to save money and increase the rate of productivity within their offices. The service provider will allocate individuals who will sort through all of the information and archive it according to a brief – the information will only be accessible to those who have received authorisation.  The information will then be securely stored electronically either on- or offsite.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of mailroom services far outweigh the cost that may be involved. Not only do mailroom services ensure productivity, they also limit the amount of money that is spent on extra staff unnecessarily. The other benefits include the following:

  • Organisations are able to save space due to the fact that there is no need for onsite archival space.
  • Organisations are able to reduce their carbon footprint by minimising the use of archival vehicle services to collect and retrieve paper documentation.
  • There is minimal paper wastage.
  • Documentation is stored in a secure manner.
  • Organisations have access to two types of records – electronic and paper-based – for their convenience.
  • Organisations are able to boost productivity through the accessibility of the records – more than one department can work on the information simultaneously.

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