Digital Asset Management and Document Storage

As most business owners know, document storage is a lot more complex and costly than it sounds. It requires copious amounts of space, a reliable, up to date system that ensures easy access, as well as someone to handle important tasks such as filing, archiving and, eventually, safe and efficient document destruction. However, living in the digital age of today, document storage need not be a problem or a concern for your business – especially now that online document management and storage is possible. Here, we examine the ins and outs of this outstanding business solution and provide you with insight into the many benefits that you can expect should you choose to invest in the right technology.

Most business owners will hesitate to invest in an electronic document and file management system (otherwise known as an EDMS) because they already have important, hard-copy documents in their possession which they will need access to in the future. Luckily, with an EDMS, data capturing is very simple indeed. Basically, the EDMS will scan the already-existing documents into the system, organising them along the way. Once all of your company’s older documents have been scanned, sorted and stored, retrieving them, whenever necessary, will be a simple matter of a few clicks of the mouse. Most electronic document and file management systems, like FileRite© from The Document Warehouse, have been designed with a user-friendly interface to ensure optimal efficiency with minimal training.

The benefits of switching to an EDMS include:

Search Function

As already mentioned, getting your hands on the documents that you need as quickly as possible is incredibly easy when using an EDMS. This is because when the text of a document is scanned into the system, the text itself is recognised, which means that employees can search the system, as well as specific documents, for specific information using simple keyword search phrases.


There is no longer a need for costly office fittings and extras (like filing cabinets), admin employees, or extra storage space and, as a result, internal costs are drastically reduced.

Additional Security

Obviously, when storing important documents onsite, there are a number of risks to consider – such as theft and fire – all of which could have a tremendous, detrimental effect on the longevity and stability of your company. With an EDMS, on the other hand, access to documents is limited and loss or damage is close to impossible, therefore making it one of the safest and smartest ways in which to store your files.

If digital asset management and document storage is something that you wish to look into for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with The Document Warehouse for more information on how our EDMS can help to transform your work process. With so many features and benefits, it might just be everything that you need in order to take your company to brand new levels of success.

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