The Ins and Outs of Document Destruction

The Ins and Outs of Document DestructionOnce your documents have reached the end of their lifecycle and it is time to get rid of them, it seems pretty easy to simply tear them up and throw them in the bin, right? While this is certainly a quick and convenient option, it is far from being a safe one! These days, it is becoming more and more important to dispose old documents in a more thorough and safe manner. This is where document destruction services come in handy.

What is document destruction?

Document destruction refers to the destruction of confidential information once a business or company no longer has any use for it. While many people think that document destruction refers only to the destruction of tangible, paper documents, this is not the case. Many companies out there that offer document management solutions are now able to offer destruction services for credit cards, computer equipment (hard drives), CDs/DVDs and more! In fact, there is very little that cannot be destroyed when the task is handled professionally.

When is it safe to destroy documents?

Establishing when exactly is a good time to get rid of documents permanently is different for everyone. It is generally safe to stick to a five-year rule with regard to any documents relating to tax or corporate records (such as minutes). In terms of financial records, it is usually safe to destroy them after a period of seven years. Remember to always hold onto any documents relating to current and past employees. These documents will be essential should a past employee make a claim or request in the future.

How do I know if the documents have been properly destroyed?

Most companies will supply you with a certificate of destruction once the job has been completed. This certificate serves to notify you that the documentation and confidential information has all been safely and permanently, disposed of.

Is document destruction bad for the environment?

If you are worried about your establishment’s carbon footprint, fear not. Most document management companies recycle all waste that is created as a result of the document shredding. If you are not sure, just ask!