Why is scanning your business documents so important?

Why is scanning your business documents so important?Paperwork stacks up pretty quickly in a business, even companies with relatively small administrative functions will find paperwork such as employee documentation and receipts piling up fast. Before the age of computers, entire rooms were needed for document storage. Luckily those days are long gone – we now have access to storage solutions such as digital scanning, which has made our lives much easier. Not only does document scanning eliminate paper clutter, but it provides many other benefits as well. So here’s how outsourcing your scanning requirements will benefit your business: Benefit #1 – More space and less clutter Office space is an essential resource, especially in a growing business where paper documents can take up a tremendous amount of valuable space. Outsourced scanning services, gives you the opportunity to ‘get rid’ of accumulated paper documents and replace them with digital versions. Benefit #2 – Searching made quick and easy Searching through boxes of paper documents to retrieve that one important contract is a hugely time-consuming and often frustrating process. Having your digital files organised in a way that works best for you and your company will enable optimal retrieval speed and ease of use. Benefit #3 – Substantial savings Paying an employee for searching through paper files to retrieve that one critically important document means wasting money and valuable time, and it takes your employee away from other tasks. By outsourcing document scanning you save time and money in the form of hardware, software, system maintenance and staff training. Benefit# 4 – Increased security No matter how careful you are with your documents, having them packed away in a storage room leaves them exposed to humidity, fire and even theft. By having your documents scanned and turned into electronic files you can preserve them in such a way that the quality will never diminish. With the 24-hour security that outsourced services offer, you can also rest assured that the documents won’t fall into the wrong hands and that proper backup and disaster prevention and management measures are in place. Benefit #5 – Various customisation options Professional document scanning and storage can help you to tailor your file retrieval processes to make it more user-friendly. File formats, for instance, can be selected to your specific requirements so that it best suits your company’s needs. The organising and retrieval options of your files can also be fine-tuned to a system that works optimally for your business. Benefit #6 – Latest technologies Professional records management companies are responsible for keeping up-to-date with the latest technology so that they continue to meet customer demands and accommodate growing businesses. Document management companies and their staff specialise in up-to-date document capturing and indexing, making use of the very best hardware and software solutions to meet the client’s needs. Use a professional records management company to ensure your business documents are safe, up-to-date and easy to access.