Why ISO9001?

At The Document Warehouse , we have always prided ourselves in our excellent customer service. Although we are not the biggest, we have always strived to be the best, and we have achieved that. Whether it is secure offsite document storage or condfidential document shredding, we are confident to deliver excellent services.

Our customers know that we can deliver on the services promised. However, our biggest achievement is finding a way to give the same assurance that our loyal customers have to those prospective customers who have never dealt with us before.

With customers in mind, we at TDW decided that ISO 9001:2015 was the way to go. Not only does this prove to our customers that we assure them of quality service and consumables at all times, but that we ticked these boxes with an authoritative body. This shows that we have the expertise, policies, procedures, complaints resolution and continual improvement processes to become accredited.

What started as ensuring that we ticked a box to become accredited evolved into us wanting to live and breathe ISO9001 throughout the organisation. We understood that we needed to do this to put our money where our mouth is in terms of our promises of quality service.

The entire management team reviewed and created over 300 policies and SOPs. This method ensures that our staff know exactly what is required of them so that the end product or service to the customer is 100%.

Once these were reviewed and updated the teams needed training on these SOP’s as well as on training for our Quality Management System (QMS)

From there, each department had to undergo an internal audit. We had an internal audit team review all of our processes to ensure that our staff are doing what our policies and procedures say we do. Audit reports on non-compliance were produced for each of these audits so that we can improve on where we are going wrong. These internal audits now take place annually.

From there, the company conducts a management review meeting for directors to discuss SWOT analysis, our interested parties, the non-conformities and customer care in general. The directors showed great enthusiasm and support, which is vital in ISO9001.

The accreditation was with BSI, who duly conducted the first external audit to ensure all the company’s documents was in place. Within three months, TDW had a full audit on all processes. This led to the company being awarded their first certificate, valid for three years. However, the company does get audited annually.