10 Easy Desk Organisation Ideas

It’s quite stressful rummaging around your workspace trying to find documents that you were sure you filed weeks ago. Dirty coffee mugs, files strewn about and overflowing drawers make it less enticing to tackle your workday. Avoid feeling flustered every day, be it at your home office or 9 to 5 with these super easy desk organisation ideas:

#1 Install a shelf above your desk

An additional overhead shelf makes room to store extra items like books, stationery and even your phone/tablet. It’s also a creative way to up the ante on workplace aesthetics by adding a pop of colour through frames or inspirational artwork.

# 2 Get busy with an ‘Organisation Wall’

Take weight off your shoulders by ensuring that your to-do list remains in clear view. An organisational wall ensures that you manage your deadlines accordingly and can maintain productivity without feeling overwhelmed. You could either hang an organiser onto your wall or opt for a corkboard to keep your calendar in clear view.

#3 Customise your workspace

Customise your office by using a pegboard to hang decorations, attach wire baskets and cup holders, anything that cheers you up and makes your work life more comfortable. Place framed photos of your significant other and hang pictures of your family, friends, and pets on your wall or desk.

#4 Invest in a chalkboard

If you’re a scribbler and prefer jotting notes down with a pen and paper, opt for a chalkboard. You could make notes with colourful chalk as you brainstorm and wipe ’em away when you have another ‘aha!’ moment.

#5 Make it pop by adding colour

Try colour-coordinating your office by selecting a colour palette and sticking to it. Try to maintain your chosen colours when selecting craft supplies and bins. If you have free wall space, use lined shelves to display your colour-coordinated stationery proudly.

#6 Implement a filing system

For a secure document management solution, get a Combox© filing system to save money, time and space. The Combox© filing system is portable and can be as small or as large as you require. For hassle-free document archiving, a Combox© system is your best bet. It has a unique design made from reinforced cardboard boxes, each with a front flap for easy access and a sliding backing board and clip to keep your documents in their original condition.

#7 Don’t be intimidated by empty desk space

When you’re trying to meet a deadline, a cluttered desk makes it even more challenging to sift through your thoughts. Move all of your unnecessary documents, stationery and knickknacks aside and ensure that you have plenty of empty desk space.

#8 DIY acrylic trays

Tidy up your notes and stationery by arranging them in a clear acrylic tray to maintain order. You could even DIY a transparent acrylic sheet by attaching elegant gold bar handles and painting the sheet with bold paint. It just adds a sense of elegance and refinement to your home office.

#9 Efficient Lighting

Save surface space by using an adjustable lamp instead of a traditional desk lamp that adds to the clutter. Did you know that warmer yellow or orange lights tend to be better for relaxing, whereas cooler blue and white lights are good for working, waking up, and concentrating?

#10 Plants make you feel better

According to recent studies, plants like Golden Pothos, Chinese Evergreen, and Arrowhead Vine increase attentiveness and raise productivity. Plants also help regulate humidity and lower blood pressure. If you’re feeling stressed at work, get a plant. It’ll do you a world of good.

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