Must-Know Facts About Document Shredding And Records Security

Document shredding is a function born from intrigue and spy stories and evolved to serve an essential purpose in the day-to-day information security processes. Once used to protect government secrets or as a way to cover up a scandal – shredding is very much a daily function for many businesses.

Here are some interesting facts about paper shredding that reveal just how necessary the process is for modern businesses:

Discarded paper is fair game

It may seem like a wild statement because of the nature of trash, but once you put something into the rubbish, it is considered public property. While this doesn’t matter for old cans, bottles and peels – it can have dire consequences if you accidentally throw away paperwork that contains sensitive information.

When it comes to businesses, there is nothing too insignificant to shred. This is because the risks of leaking sensitive information far outweigh the effort it takes to employ a records management company to carry out your shredding. Companies across industries all over the world are using professional document shredding to give them peace of mind.

Most identity theft can be tied to paper records

Although the exact statistics are unknown, many information security experts believe that most identity theft and fraud can be tied to paper information. This is due in part to the ease of access to discarded paper records versus digital ones. Data in the form of address and identity details, bank records, paper mail, and lost or stolen wallets are the leading sources of identity theft and fraud.

To avoid data breaches of this nature, it’s essential to invest in record destruction both on a personal and business level.

Shredding is impossible to re-assemble

Contemporary shredding via machines is impossible to reassemble because it reduces documents to tiny shards of paper. Often, machines cut vertically and horizontally, leaving all but confetti sized pieces of paper behind.

Paper shredders have fingerprints

Each paper shredder has a unique way of shredding paper and leaves behind distinctive markers when shredding. Even shredders made by the same manufacturer, in the same way, have tiny differences. This means that no two shredders are the same – paper shredders used to destroy documents can and have been used in forensic investigations.

Some industries have compliance requirements

Some industries and service providers are required by law to shred all paper documents. This is often checked by vendors and companies that work together to ensure that their sensitive data is correctly protected. Many companies are required by law or commercial partners to present certified destruction certificates that prove all of their sensitive information is correctly disposed of.

Armed with these details about data security, archives and records management, you can ensure that your business is up to scratch when it comes to the document lifecycle. Perhaps it’s time to get a professional records management company on your team – it can offer you and your business game-changing peace of mind and efficiency.