Can you afford NOT to use live filing in your business? Online

Can you afford NOT to use live filing in your business?

Space is at a premium nowadays;every centimetre in your office costs you money. How do you optimise it to makeit work for you? Businesses are always looking for ways to save money and bemore efficient and live filing is a fantastic way to start.

What is Live Filing?

It’s one of the components of an offsite filing service from reputable document management specialists like The Document Warehouse. Offsite filing refers to files that are either stored in the cloud (off of your own servers) or in a warehouse (off your premises). “Live filing” refers to an online system that provides digital document storage that not only allow for businesses to store documents offsite (on a remote, secure server) but also to work with these said files on an on-going, daily basis. This means that files in constant use can be retrieved, updated and returned to storage at any time, day or night.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Live Filing Solution?

Organisations often waste valuable floor space dedicated to their own servers or filing cabinets. And when real estate is at a premium, one needs to consider space optimisation. Live filing allows you to safely upload your files in an organised, systemic fashion so that they can be easily retrieved. And then once they’re stored online, you can either warehouse the hard copies or destroy them, knowing that they are safely stored on a secure server managed by specialists. Plus, you get extra room for more staff or equipment.

Having access to a service that offers a secure server is incredibly important, as this offers safety from unauthorised access such as attempts from hackers who often try to ransom companies’ information assets for exorbitant amounts of money. For example, we know of a large jewellery distributor whose servers were hacked. This exposed their high net worth client’s information to hackers. The information was then ransomed for fee and further exposed the business to a 2-week operational delay adding to the financial loss of the business. A live filing solution could have prevented all of that.

In summary, live filing saves space and money, because staff members aren’t wasting time on trying to locate old files or have to file them in an organised manner – now you can afford to lose the old brown filing cabinet.  Furthermore, it offers unparalleled security because the information is safely stored on world-class cloud facilities and overseen by people who are experts in data management and protection.

Need help on where to begin? Look no further than the team from The Document Warehouse. They offer consultation services that will help identify a live filing solution, tailored to your company’s requirements so that you can start saving money, time and space in a flash.