Why you should future proof your business and go

Why you should future proof your business and go digital

So, you’re knee deep in paperwork and that’s how you like it, because nothing quite beats good old-fashioned hard copy. We get it, sometimes change is a huge adjustment but it’s definitely worth it.  Still not convinced? Here are 8 reasons why you should digitise your business.

It’s always available

You have access to online data at any time of the day or night. This around the clock availability means that you don’t have to be in the office or even the country to access essential documentation.

It saves time

Online document management takes far less time to maintain, locate, update and securely destroy than hard copy. Searching through electronic documents for key information is also quicker and more efficient.

It increases productivity and efficiency

Because of the time you save on looking for various documents and because your documents are stored in an orderly and centralised digital space there is a marked difference in productivity.

It makes collaboration easier

Collaboration between departments, which are traditionally siloed, is far easier. The business is able to interact internally without space and time constraints. Live file solutions provide a centralised, real-time experience for multiple people to collaborate on documents that were traditionally physically shared.

It’s safer

So, you have heard about hackers and online data breaches but the biggest risk to your documentation is actually the elements. Documents are in fact less likely to get lost, damaged or stolen if they are digitally archived. Digital documents are also trackable so you will know exactly who has had access to sensitive information. You can also limit permissions for highly confidential data within your business.

It’s sustainable

Since the bulk of your paperwork can be stored and amended digitally you will find there is far less need for hard copy. Those documents that require hard copy can be stored offsite by your document management company. Moving away from paper documentation is better for the environment and can even boost your companies green or sustainability rating.

It can be outsourced

Live file solutions can be outsourced to professional companies that will securely, organise and store documentation to ensure streamlined productivity for your business. The benefit of outsourcing the process is that accountability rests on the shoulders of the external contractor so you don’t need to worry about your staff misplacing or damaging vital documents.

So, the future is digital and it’s time to future proof your business.