How Cleanliness and Productivity Go Hand In Hand

Cleanliness and productivity
Running a business comes with a number of responsibilities, like paying taxes, payroll and keeping the books balanced. But one important aspect of running a business that tends to be overlooked is workplace cleanliness. Cleanliness in the workplace has a significant effect on the overall productivity of employees and work-related projects. So making sure that you operate in a clean workspace isn’t just necessary for sanitation purposes, it can affect your bottom line. So let’s look at just a few ways that a clean office can contribute to better productivity. Less Sick Days By keeping your employees healthy, you keep them prepared for work. Cleaning regularly keeps bacteria away from your employees. Minimising contact with harmful germs means there is a reduced risk of causing sickness in the office. This results in employees showing up to work healthy and ready to take on their duties in the best shape as possible Less Clutter, More Concentration As complex as the human brain can be, it’s relatively easy for it to be distracted, especially in a cluttered space. When the amount of clutter around the workspace is reduced, it makes it easier for the brain to concentrate on the task at hand. So by cleaning your workplace regularly, you improve the focus of your employees. One way of reducing clutter is by introducing a secure and reliable document shredding and destruction system for when your documents have reached the end of their lifecycle. Not sure which of your company’s documents need to go? You may want to take a records management course to understand the document lifecycle from creation to storage and eventually destruction. Less Time Searching and More Time Doing Advanced electronic document management software (EDMS) is an effective document management solution that keeps files organised, reducing search time and improving productivity. If your office is organised, you’ll always know where to find everything you need to complete your tasks efficiently. But what if your business hasn’t gone completely paperless and EDMS isn’t what you need? Well, you could look to Secure Offsite Storage. Without it, paperwork can become overwhelming and uncontrollable. An efficient offsite storage solution helps you have more time to concentrate on your core business and allows for a more spacious workplace which is clutter-free. Make A Good First Impression A clean and tidy work environment instils confidence and helps build trust between you and any potential clients. It leaves the clients with the impression of a company that has a strong attention to detail. Even to the average consumer, a tidy work environment implies superior, quality products and services. So elevate your brand and don’t let a dirty floor or cluttered work environment result in a potential customer walking away By keeping the work environment well-maintained, you’re allowing your employees to be productive and efficient. Invest in your office’s look and feel, do some online shopping and find the best products that can help you manage your files effectively and reduce clutter. It may seem small, but it can go a long way in elevating yours and your staff’s productivity, eventually increasing your bottom line