How to solve your biggest document management problems

Has your document management system added to your list of worries at work?

This is quite common in companies.

If you think it is time for a change or you could make considerable improvements to your current document management system, then read further!

Here are 3 of the most significant document management problems and how to solve them:

Problem #1: Your documents are all over the place. You cannot help it – it’s because you are legally required to keep confidential documents for five years. But do they really have to occupy so much storage space that your office looks a mess and appears unorganised? The short answer is no.

Solution: An easy way to organise your documents is by using the Combox©, which is a document filing solution that will save you time, money and space. Instead of purchasing expensive cabinets or shelves, you can implement a filing system for a fraction of the cost. The Combox© can be stacked to about 20 boxes high and is available in various colours and sizes to ‘colour’ your office.  

Problem #2: Your filing system is a mess! Just when you thought you had successfully handled your admin, your personal assistant finds a document labelled “M” along with the documents filed under “B.” This leads you to a mild panic. Could this be the only document or are there others that have also been overlooked? The last thing you need right now is to get your staff to redo the entire filing system when this has previously been done – there are much more productive things you can do with this time.

Solution: Data capturing is a great option to store documents digitally and streamline your business information, making it easy to store and find documentation. This way, you can take all those hours your employees spend filing, by upskilling them or do work on other tasks that are profitable for your business.

Problem #3: You have an important meeting with a client, and you are struggling to locate a vital document for its success. If this has happened to you before, then the chances are high that it can happen again. And you would not want one document to possibly ruin your business.

Solution: Consider storing company documentation offsite with TDW. Remember, if documents are not stored correctly, they are susceptible to natural damage, dust, or theft. Whether you need to store a title deed, media tape, microfilm or any other documents that must be preserved long-term, TDW can securely store them for you. Our advanced storage vaults protect various media from fire, water, and humidity damage.  

Yes, it’s time for change. The sooner you update your document management system, the easier it will be to locate and retrieve documents, making work all the more fun for you and your employees.