How to spring clean your office

Spring is almost here and that means you may want to think about how best to clean up around the office.

A tidy workspace is not only easy on the eye, but its also an effective way to boost productivity.  So why not freshen up your office space with these spring cleaning tips.

Break Your Office Up Into Sections 

Before you start cleaning, the best way to tackle any mess is to break it down into sections.

Start with one area and work in small sections at a time.

Sort your files and papers

We all want to work in a paperless environment, but it’s nearly impossible. Every so often we look up from our computer screens and see files, notepads and memos piled up.

But fear not, all documents have a lifecycle, and once you’ve sorted which documents have reached the end of their cycle, you will need a document destruction system that is secure and reliable.

If you’re not ready to shred those documents, then store them in folders and binders or consider an offsite storage solution. Document storage is a vital part of effective document management. As a thriving business, you can’t afford to misplace or lose essential documentation.

Back-Up To the Cloud

Backing up files is easy, all you need to do is invest in an effective electronic document and file management system which eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure due to the fact that documents can be accessed in a hosted environment in the cloud.

Make Space for Supplies

Gather up all your pens, staples and paper clips that are cluttering your desk, and designate a drawer for your office supplies. Don’t keep things on your desk that you won’t need everyday, use your desk as a space that holds only what you really need.

Make Sure Your Monitor And Keyboard Are Dust-Free Zones

Use a microfiber cloth and disinfecting wipes to wipe down your monitor, phone and printer.

Create a schedule to clean and declutter the area around the office printer and encourage all employees to follow the cleaning checklist so everyone is on the same page.

You deserve a workplace where you can be comfortable and productive. So start your spring off in the right way and clean up your office space.