Is your Business in need of a Document Management Solution?

Any business owner will agree that streamlining the workload is critical for freeing up time so that employees can focus on their core tasks and increase their overall work efficiency. The benefits of document management systems are renowned, but how do you know when to introduce such a solution? Document management software makes it possible for your business to eradicate redundant admin processes, saving you time and allowing your staff to focus on more important tasks. To determine whether your business could benefit from a document management solution, ask yourself the following questions: Are you and/or your staff buried under huge amounts of paperwork? Many businesses, no matter how small or how large, have to manage bulky volumes of documents, from contracts and invoices, to correspondence and reports. How does your company manage these documents? Are they filed away in several cabinets? Are they managed at off-site locations? Do you think your business could benefit from a more streamlined document management process? Are you regularly struggling to find that one particular document? Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on trying to track certain documents and invoices, perhaps while having your clients on the phone? Wouldn’t it make your life easier and your business more productive and professional if all your documents were stored in one central place without having to search through different filing cabinets? With a document management system, you can index any documentation so that it can be instantly retrieved – at the click of a button. How are you protecting confidential or sensitive information? Do you have any security strategies in place to prevent sensitive and confidential information from falling into the wrong hands? How do you ensure that confidential information is inaccessible to visitors or unauthorised personnel? With a document management solution, each and every action pertaining to a document is recorded. You can track who accessed a document, whether any changes were made, whether it was forwarded to third parties or whether files were copied or printed. Does your business have a plan of action, should disaster strike? How do you intend to carry out damage control should any of your documents be lost or destroyed during a burglary or fire? Did you know that 90% of businesses who don’t have some kind of disaster management strategy in place close down within two years of tragedy striking? Storing important documents on site without any digital copies safely locked away off-site can be very risky. Documents, once stolen or destroyed, can’t be replaced. Imagine this happening to you and how it would affect your business. Providing the answers to your questions A document management system will enable you to stop wasting time on paper management so that you can focus on managing your business. You’ll be able to find your documents as and when you need them, with one click of a button. Your documents will be safe and secure, and you will have full control over who accesses them and your business will be able to recuperate quickly should disaster strike. Document management solutions will also enable your business to improve overall company productivity and cut operational costs. Effective document management systems have become a huge priority and gained significant importance for both large and smaller businesses. They enable your business to focus on your core tasks, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs. A leader in document management and scanning, The Document Warehouse provides clients with a broad spectrum of organisational processes including offsite document storage solutions and records management such as document retrieval and destruction as well as electronic content management, cloud backup and recovery and high-volume document scanning.