The Document Warehouse Has The Best of Both, and Here Is Why!

Running and maintaining a successful business is hard work. Having the correct workflow document management system in place ensures that your business’s operations from an administrative perspective run smoothly and efficiently. While many business owners know the importance of a comprehensive electronic document and workflow management system, it would be good to gain a more thorough understanding, especially in the digital age we live in today.

In this blog, we will outline why it is necessary to have a document workflow management system in place and how your business can benefit from taking advantage of the various document solution services The Document Warehouse provides.

Why Your Business Needs A Workflow Document Management System

Electronic workflow management systems streamline and automate daily business tasks, effectively reducing room for errors while increasing overall efficiency, dramatically improving your business and making room for a more productive environment.

Why Your Business Needs An Electronic Document Management System

Record-keeping can be time-consuming, with businesses having many physical and electronic documents that must be organised and stored, especially in heavily regulated industries. Electronic document management systems can solve several problems simultaneously, such as storage space, access, and retrieval.

With the above information in mind, here’s how The Document Warehouse can support your business with our broad service offering, mainly electronic and workflow document management.

Electronic Document and File Management System (EDMS)

We use advanced Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) to provide document management solutions effectively, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. At the same time, we take care of all your electronic document needs. Features of this electronic document solution include, but are not limited to;

  • Fast search – both “full text” file content and metadata
  • Metadata-driven navigation, replication, workflow and access management
  • Check-in/check-out with audit trail
  • Version management
  • Collaboration and Workflow with email notifications
  • Fast offline use and remote/mobile access
  • Support for scanned paper documents and email
  • Alternative Web interface

Get in touch with The Document Warehouse for more information on our services, such as document storage, EDMS, and reliable and efficient records management in South Africa!