The Lowdown on Electronic Document Management Systems

Before the dawn of the computer, businesses all over the world relied solely on secretaries and filing clerks to manage and organise hard-copy documents. Not only was this incredibly time-consuming, especially if the filing system was not quite up to scratch, but it also meant that there was a possibility for important documents to be lost, stolen or damaged over time. It would seem that when business owners were finally reaching the end of their tether in terms of finding better document management solutions, the amazing electronic document management system was born.   What are electronic document management systems? They are innovative software masterpieces that make use of a barcode system. This barcode system makes it simple to track documents once they have been added to the database.  These systems have been designed to handle tasks that include the following:
  • Data capturing.
  • Document scanning.
  • Document retrieval: The software is equipped with advanced search technology, making it quick and easy for you to locate the specific document that you are searching for.
  • Document storage.
  • Document archiving.
  • Document life-cycle tracking.
  • Document routing: Certain documents can be sent directly to particular people and/or departments within your business at the click of a button.
  • Program integration: A good quality electronic document management system will be able to integrate with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint etc.
What are the benefits of electronic document management systems?
  • Easy access: Thanks to the advanced search function, as well as the unique barcode system, accessing specific documents is both fast and simple.
  • Improved workflow: Because documents are easily accessible, a faster and more productive workflow is possible. Employee productivity will be greatly improved.
  • Lower IT costs: Due to the fact that most EDM systems integrate with other common programs and systems within a business, IT costs can be kept to a minimum.
  • Document backups: Electronic document management systems allow for maximum document solutions, especially in the case of an emergency. If a certain document is lost or damaged, a backup can be easily retrieved by the EDMS.
  • Space saving: There is no real need for the storage or archiving of hard-copy documents when you have an EDMS. This means that you save both space and money.
As you can see, the EDMS is the document management solution of the future, allowing you more flexibility and control over your most important files and documents. If you are interested in having one installed within your business, be sure to contact a reputable document management and solutions company for professional assistance.