What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management can simply be defined as: the management of digital photographs, animations, videos and music. When it comes to keeping these digital resources secure, reliable management and secure archive storage are key.


However, keeping your digital assets on your computer’s hard drive can lead to the possibility of data loss, especially over an extended period. Perhaps you’re harbouring your assets in your own home – have you ever thought of what could happen to them in the event of a fire or theft?  Not only do you risk losing your important digital assets, you also risk confidential information falling into the wrong hands.


We often backup our digital assets to external hard drives or CDs and store them in hard-shell cases – but this doesn’t remove the risk of damage or theft – it simply moves your assets from one storage device to another. In the effort to assist in protecting your private resources, why not look at document management solutions that are sure to give you unlimited access while also keeping your assets secure? Records management is a solution that yields many benefits, including the following:

Unlimited Access to Authorised Personnel

Records management solutions will ensure that you have unlimited access to your digital assets. You will be able to control who has access to your records, and when exactly they can access them. A records management service provider will also ensure that any changes to your access plan will need to be authorised by you – these authorisations will be kept on file to ensure that you are able to check up on the times and dates on which your records were accessed.

Reliable Security

Apart from restricted access to your digital assets, document archive storage service providers will also ensure reliable, steadfast security. Not only will access to your assets be monitored through an authorisation system, but security cameras and security guards are also added to ensure the protection of your archives. When stored in your home, you place your assets at risk of theft which can lead to a number of altercations should confidential information fall into the wrong hands.

Protection from the Elements

Fire, flood damage, excessive heat and cold are just a few examples of the type of damage that your digital assets are exposed to when stored at home. A document management service provider will store your digital assets in hard-shell cases that are lined with protective padding, ideal for hardware that is sensitive to external damage. These cases are stored in warehouses that have ample protection against the following:

  • Extreme temperature variations,
  • Water and flood damage,
  • Fire damage,
  • Shock.

Digital asset management becomes far simpler when working with a records management service provider. Not only will they protect your digital assets, but they will ensure that you are able to manage your items in an effective and secure manner, too.