The pro’s and cons of off-site vs on-site document management solutions

Have you visited your company’s on-site document storage facilities recently? We bet if you have, you might have been forgiven to believe that you had stumbled onto a dungeon of sorts. You will probably have found a stuffy, often damp basement, or dark and dingy storage room in which many of the hard copy documents are slowly fading.Oh the sweet smell of sure decay…

One good reason to review your on-site data storage facility is to ensure that ageing original documents have been properly electronically captured. While the information in files may still be legible to the naked eye, they may not be so for long. So the correct and proper scanning of these papers are vital to protect the information contained in important continuity documents such as legal contracts, financial and lease agreements and historical shareholder records.

Even public libraries,for good reason, give the users access to computers so that interested parties need not cart around heavy files and handle, or potentially damage, original historical documents. Just ask yourself, how important is it for your organisation to keep the records in tact by changing to a professional electronic records management solution.

And it is equally important to ensure real-time retrieval of data.

By using the services of a high experienced data handling company such as The Document Warehouse you will also be  safeguarding records from unauthorized access, theft or loss due to factors such as natural disasters.

A word to the wise:leave the security and accessibility to the professionals. This will free you up to concentrate on your business deliverables in the knowledge – and with the peace of mind – that all your reference materials are securely stored,protected and easy to come by.

Make that call today.