What can offsite records storage services do for your business?

There are several reasons why companies struggle with document storage. Expedient access to important and often sensitive information is central efficient document management. Offsite records management services offer a great way to store important records without taking up space, while they remain easy to access and safe.

When a company decides on business premises they don’t always take into consideration the incredible amount of space document storage can take up. And, when it comes to the filing and retrieval of physical documents, often considerable amounts of valuable employee time is taken up. Filing systems are also not always accurate and can easily lead to mistakes and the loss of important information. Offsite records management services provide the perfect solution. Even the most sophisticated IT systems are not always adequate to prevent the of the loss of data.

Besides the obvious advantages of offsite document storage services, there are a host of other benefits that can make a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

Improved time and space efficiency and decreased costs

Freeing up valuable space by means of offsite records storage can mean substantial cost savings and enhanced employee productivity. Older files that are ready to be archived can be removed from your office and relocated offsite where they can be remotely accessed, when required.

Information security

Privacy and confidentiality compliance is extremely important for many businesses. The handling and safeguarding of sensitive documents is often a central concern. With offsite records storage services security processes are significantly simplified to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.

Fast, easy and controlled access

Outdated and archived documents sometimes need to be retrieved, which can be a troublesome task. When your documents and records are stored offsite in a secure facility, they can easily be accessed through safe online systems. Offsite record storage systems also have features that enable you to control who accesses your documents, ensuring there is no unauthorised use of sensitive information.

Safe from the elements

Storage climate requirements can make records storage a costly exercise. Offsite records storage services include climate controlled storage facilities that ensure the longevity of your records, no matter the.

Disaster protection and data recovery

When it comes to natural disasters, years and years of important and confidential data can be wiped out in an instant. With tried and tested disaster prevention plans, offsite records storage services are designed to safeguard your information from these types of occurrences.

Much more than just storage

Offsite records storage services are not just about the safe and secure storage of your documents and files. They include all other important aspects of document management such as pick-up and delivery, data archiving, information storage and retrieval, digital imaging services management as well as records destruction.

When it comes to data storage, surely it is best for you to enjoy the protection and peace of mind that comes with dealing with professionals.