What Is Secure Document Shredding?

Data Security

Secure document shredding? What is it, and why does your business need it? While document shredding may sound like an everyday-average service, it is also a form of data security. Disposing of documents in a safe and secure environment protects your business from potential nasty leaks of confidential information from clients’ or associates. Secure document shredding will also protect classified data, financial information, business records, and contracts to avoid data breaches or identity theft.

So, what is secure document shredding, and how can your business benefit from using said service? Let’s start with the basics and what secure document shredding is.

What Is Secure Document Shredding?

Secure document shredding services are conducted in a safe and controlled environment. The document destruction process is a seamless one. Documents and other devices used to store confidential data are shredded using a shredder that shreds paper, cardboard, CDs/DVDs and computer equipment such as hard drives.

Now that we know what secure document shredding is, let’s look at when your business would need a comprehensive document shredding service.

When Does Your Business Need Document Shredding?

Your business will need a secure document shredding service if you keep a record of the following;

  • Treatment/Diagnosis files
  • Identity numbers
  • Sensitive company information
  • Credit or Debit card information
  • Confidential employee and client information
  • Tax records
  • Income or expense information

Document storage, EDMS, and records management and security form part of a comprehensive document shredding solution.

The Document Warehouse can help your business streamline your records management system by providing certified document storage, shredding, and retrieval services, to name a few.

A comprehensive data security solution is vital for your business, staff and clients alike. The Document Warehouse provides comprehensive records management and security service solutions that are secure and reliable.

Protect the integrity of your business and the confidential information of your affiliates with a secure and comprehensive document shredding service!